Peloha is a gentle, deeply relaxing massage that will affect you on physical, energetic and spiritual level through touch combined with the healing intention. It is a combination of bodywork as well as energetic healing ( Reiki). I do it in an atmosphere of love and full acceptance of your divine essence and your body. With care and mindfulness and gentle hand movements I free your body from tension and blockages. At the same I fill your body with the energy flowing from the Source, which purify your energy channels and chakras. In this way I wake up precious processes in you, that have been blocked by stress, fatigue, and strong emotions. Touch-sensitive, full of unconditional love attitude fill your body with inner light. The light that brings harmony, peace and health.


Massage Peloha was created over 25 years ago by the wonderful yet simple and very wise man – Australian Alan Earle. He called it PeLoHa – from the English words Peace, Love and Harmony. This massage method alive and still improved, contains a variety of elements of Polynesian and classic massage, reflexology, reiki, acupressure, visualization, Bowen technique and work with meridians. It is gentle and relaxing and at the same time powerful and the healing.

I had the opportunity to meet personally with this very humble, full of warmth and humor, over 80 years old man. Man. Not an old man. His youthful energy, sharp mind and incredible physical fitness shows us all that the massage he created has a great power.





Massage lasts approx. 60 minutes. It is very gentle and suitable for everyone – regardless of age, gender or physical infirmity. It takes place with companion of candles and relaxing music. Whole body is massaged with the exception of the intimate zone. The body is covered with a towel and lightly oiled so you do not need a shower after it.


The effect of massage is:

  • improvement in physical health (stimulates blood and lymph circulation, tones the skin, regulates metabolism, removes pain in the body, activates self-healing processes, unloads stress and muscle tension)
  • improving mental health and mental clarity (helps in the treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias, neuroses, insomnia)
  • purify and harmonize the chakras and energy channels
  • removes energy blockages cellular memory and trauma
  • you  can experience the meeting with the beings of light from the spiritual world.

It is an experience that can not be compared to anything else. You feel that through the tender touch of the massage, the universe cares about You and that You are the most important element of it. You are filled with his love.